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At Home Base Physical Therapy in Greater Morristown, NJ our physical therapists specialize in treating Mastitis for nursing mothers.

If you are difficult time breastfeeding, we can help – call 973.936.8566 or click here to schedule an appointment today.

What is Mastitis?
Mastitis is an infection of the breast that is typically caused by the ducts getting clogged. The breastmilk then gets caught behind the clog, resulting in a lump. Mastitis affects in 1 in 5 breastfeeding women, typically within the first 3 months after birth. If the lump is not treated quickly, it will soon become infected. Mastitis, if not treated, can cause other complications like breast abscess or possible hospitalization. Typical causes of Mastitis can be: poor attachment to the breast, long periods between feeds, blocked milk ducts, breasts that are too full, nipple damage, overly tight bra, stopped breastfeeding to quickly, a baby with torticollis and/or a tongue tie that affects the babies ability to latch properly.



There are a multitude of ways that Mastitis and Clogged Ducts can be treated in multiple ways. Here at Home Base Physical Therapy, in Morristown, NJ, our physical therapists are happy to help relieve your mastitis or clogged ducts. Our physical therapists will examine the infected breast and determine which treatment is the best course of action. A very common treatments performed at Home Based Physical Therapy, is called a therapeutic ultrasound. This ultrasound helps to open the ducts, which will increase circulation and help to improve milk flow. Improvement with this method is typically seen between 1-3 sessions.

Other common treatments that can be used are heat/cold and self-massage, stretches and more breastfeeding education. Our physical therapists are here to ensure that your pain, swelling and discomfort from mastitis or blocked duct is soon relieved. For any other concerns or questions, please feel free to call us at 973.936.8566.