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At Home Base Physical Therapy in Cedar Knolls & Morristown, NJ our physical therapists specialize in treating pediatrics. More specifically, they specialize in treating conditions related to infants and toddlers.

Development Delays is one of these conditions.  If you are worried about the potential of your child having Development Delays, call 973.936.8566 or click here to schedule an appointment today.

What defines a Developmental Delay?

A developmental delay is defined as a child that hasn’t met developmental milestones within the normal range. Although every child develops differently, there is a typical block of time that children should acquire each skill. A developmental delay can either be defined as having slowed development, stopped development of reverse development. Here at Home Base Physical therapy, we will be able to discuss each one of these conditions and how to treat them.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has listed the common developmental abilities for each age group ranging from birth to age 5. For example, a 4-month-old should be able to bear weight on his legs while supported, as well as hold their head upright and steady. If these needs are not met, intervention is required to help the child. By evaluating your child and knowing the proper milestones, it will determine whether your child will need to be seen at Home Based Physical Therapy for a delay.


Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Developmental Delays are diagnosed by a child meeting a milestone on a slower than normal pace, which include social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. Developmental Delays can be easily diagnosed, here at Home Base Physical Therapy! After observing your child and doing a few simple activities, we will be able to discuss and pinpoint the delay. Developmental Delays are a common condition treated at Home Base Physical Therapy. Our pediatric physical therapists are excellent at spotting and focusing on treating each delay.

A series of questions will be asked about your child. This allows our therapists to gather as much information as needed to help properly diagnose your child. These questions include feeding preferences, birth, medical history, birthdate and much more.

After gathering this information our physical therapists at Home Based Physical Therapy will be able to create a course of treatment specifically for your child. With the right diagnosis and excellent therapy, your child will be able to thrive!

For more information on developmental delays, please feel free to look at these websites:

At Home Base Physical Therapy in Morristown NJ, Developmental Delays is a common condition treated by our physical therapists. At Home Base PT our physical therapists specialize in treating infant and toddler issues such as Developmental Delays.